Event Date: 10/22/2011 10:00AM – 10/22/2011 10:00AM

McWane Science Center’s new exhibit Basketball: The Science of Swish gives visitors a chance to learn the science behind shooting hoops.

Alabama based company CTS and NOAH Basketball developed the software, a computerized shooting system that helps a player find the optimal degree of arc on basketball shots. This technology is now used by pro teams including the Miami Heat and others around the country. The technology helps players measure the arc of their shot and demonstrates that maintaining a certain degree of arc in your throw is important for accuracy.

In the new Basketball: The Science of Swish exhibit, guests will step into the “shooting cage” and throw several foul shots. The Noah Basketball system will detect the arc of the basketball and will show a snapshot of the visitor’s free throw with a graphical representation of the actual arc superimposed over the ideal arc. Guests can shoot the ball, see the result, and actually see each shot's trajectory. Visitors will attempt to correct their shot to best approximate the ideal arc. Guests will learn how arc affects the accuracy of a foul shot and the degree of arc the visitor should be striving to achieve.

The new exhibit will be a permanent addition to the museum.

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