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LaRhonda Brown’s 7th grade class programmed robots this year. Her students experimented with microscopes. They even had the chance to dissect cow eyes. When it comes to science, her kids get excited.

Her class is part of a school district where over 40% of seventh graders failed to meet basic standards on the Alabama Science Assessment Test last year.

Ms. Brown’s school beat the odds. 100% of their 7th graders met or exceeded the science standards (…and they had a 30% increase in students that exceeded the standards!).

What’s the difference? McWane Science Center was able to partner with Ms. Brown’s school and provide science labs, field trips and resources to enhance their science curriculum…and it worked.

Programs and partnerships like this are possible because of donations to McWane Science Center’s Educational Scholarship Fund that directly benefits low income schools. Support from individuals, foundations, and corporations make learning opportunities available for thousands of students.

In fact, McWane Science Center will provide an opportunity for more than 27,000 students to experience hands-on exhibits and programs at no cost. Donations allow museum educators to take science experiments and programs into hundreds of classrooms and reach over 28,000 students in school systems across Alabama. Last year, McWane was able to train more than 1,000 teachers how to incorporate hands-on science and inquiry-based learning in their classrooms.

If you would like to learn more about supporting the scholarship fund or sponsoring our educational programs, please contact McWane Science Center’s Development Department by calling (205) 714-8359.




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