As a volunteer at McWane Science Center and IMAX® Dome Theater, discovery, exploration, creativity, learning, and fun await you. Plunge into the World of Water and help a group learn about more than 50 species of saltwater life; explore the mysteries of space with a school group in Challenger Learning Center Alabama; educate a young inventor with the building blocks of science in ScienceQuest; and welcome a family to the IMAX® Dome Theater, where larger-than-life images and amazing sound engulf them. Whether your interest is in learning and discovery or service and assistance, you are sure to find exciting challenges and rewarding adventures as a McWane Science Center volunteer.

About our Volunteer Program

McWane Science Center offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opprotunities from greeting visitors and answering questions, to presenting science demonstrations in our Exhibit Halls. As a volunteer you will gain new experience, meet interesting people and enjoy a fun, family-oriented atmosphere. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, ages and educational backgrounds with a passion for life-long learning.
McWane Science Center also extends valuable benefits including: 

  • Discounts in the Really Cool Stuff store and Café
  • FREE Parking while on duty
  • FREE IMAX screenings (non-feature films)
  • FREE family membership after completion of 100 hours

Adult Volunteer Program

McWane Science Center Adult volunteers are individuals who are 18 years of age and older and have completed high school. McWane Science Center offers a variety of rewarding volunteer experiences for adults who want to give back, learn something new, and educate visitors. Opportunities include presenting science experiments, greeting visitors, helping with camps and so much more! Please call the Volunteer Department at (205) 714-8272 today if you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more about the program opportunities.

Summer Teen Volunteer Program
We will start accepting applications for our Summer Teen Program at the end of January. The deadline for applications is April 1st and we will start the interview process shortly thereafter. Please fill out the application with two letters of reference. 

CLICK HERE for additional information

Current Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in current volunteer opportunities, events and specialized placements that the McWane Science Center has to offer, contact the office of Volunteer Service at (205) 741-8272 or volunteer@mcwane.org

McWane Science Center also offers both credit-seeking and non-credit seeking interships for college students who need class credit or just a great work experience that goes beyond volunteering.

-Marketing/Public Relations
-Information Technology
-Volunteer Management
-Exhibit Design/Maintenance
-Cafe'/Food Preparation/Catering
-Special Events
-Aquarist/Animal Care

We ask for a minimum of 100 hours a semester, or what your school internship program requires. For more information, contact the office of Volunteer Services at (205) 714-8272 or volunteer@mcwane.org