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Can’t come to us? Then we’ll bring our adventures in science to you! McWane Science Center’s Outreach specialists offer a variety of exciting, standards-based, hands-on science activities and presentations for school assemblies and classroom programs.

Please register 30 days in advance.

For more information or to reserve program: (205) 714-8414 or email.


Please check back for 2017 information.

Program Options

Light Bright!

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: PreK–K
  • Program: Classroom — Young scientists will investigate the phenomenon of light and shadow. Students will also experiment with the effects of illumination on shadows and become artists of light.
  • APKS: 1.1, 3.3, 4.5
  • SCIENCE: K: 2, 7
Dinosaur Detectives

  • Discipline: Earth and Space Science
  • Grades: PreK-K
  • Program: Classroom — You’ll be the paleontologist as we uncover clues about what some of our favorite dinosaurs ate and how they lived.
  • APKS: 1.1, 3.3, 3.5
  • SCIENCE: K: 6
Marvels of Magnets

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: PreK-K
  • Program: Classroom — What’s the big attraction to magnets? Why are some magnets stronger than others? Learn about electromagnets and more!
  • APKS: 1.2, 1.4, 2.4
  • SCIENCE: K: 1,2
Amazing Animals

  • Discipline: Life Science
  • Grades: K-12
  • Program: Classroom — Bring our animals into your classroom! We will discuss each animal in terms of where it is from, what it eats and how it is adapted to its environment. We will observe what they all have in common and what makes them different.
  • APKS: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5
  • SCIENCE: K: 3-4; Grade 1: 1.5; Grade 2: 7; Grade 3: 10,11; Grade 4: 11; Grade 5: 10; Grade 7: 6
Liquid Lab

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: K-2
  • Program: Classroom — What is a liquid? How does it differ from a solid or gas? Students explore the properties of liquids, including cohesion and density.
  • SCIENCE: K: 6; Grade 1: 1; Grade 2: 10
Enlightening Electricity

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: 2-6
  • Program: Classroom — What’s the difference between a conductor and an insulator? How does a circuit work? Students will learn the difference between static and current electricity and so much more.
  • SCIENCE: Grade 4: 2,4,5
Superhero Science

  • Discipline: Physical Science, Chemistry
  • Grades: 2-8
  • Program: Assembly only (100 people minimum) — Do your students have what it takes to become superheroes? In this super-powered presentation, we’ll use exciting demonstrations to explore the science behind super powers!
  • SCIENCE: Grade 2: 4; Grade 4: 2; Grade 5: 2; Grade 8: 4,5
Design and Construct

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Program: Classroom — Students will become design and construction crews as they build tornado proof structures. We will explore how people use science to deal with the powerful forces of nature.
  • SCIENCE: Grade 3: 15; Grade 4: 17
Rocks & Minerals

  • Discipline: Earth and Space Science
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Program: Classroom — Smell, scratch and even taste! Aspiring geologists will perform various tests to identify minerals and classify rocks.
  • SCIENCE: Grade 4: 12 Grade 6: 8
Reactions in Action

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: 2-8
  • Program: Classroom — Students will get fired up about science as we explore combustion and dazzle them with color-changing liquids. Fascinating experiments teach students all about chemical changes in matter!
  • SCIENCE: Grade 2: 1,4; Grade 5: 4; Grade 8: 5
a-MAZE-ing Robots

  • Discipline: Physical Science
  • Grades: 3rd and up
  • Program: Classroom — Experience the world of computer coding using Ozbots, one of the world’s smallest programmable robots. Teach the Ozbots how to follow patterns and solve mazes through fun, interactive challenges!
  • SCIENCE: Grade 4: 4
  • Technology: Grades 3-5: 3,7
Stardome: Constellations

  • Discipline: Earth and Space Science*
  • Grades: 2-8
  • Program: Classroom — Walk out of your classroom and into outer space! You and your students will enter our inflatable planetarium and fly through the solar system as we explore what makes each planet special and meet some of the other objects that make up our universe.
  • SCIENCE: Grade 5: 12, 13; Grade 6: 1,2,3

*This program requires an indoor space with at least 14 feet in height and 22 feet in diameter; Access to two 3-prong electrical outlets; Maximum of 30 students



For more information or to reserve program:
(205) 714-8414 or email

1 Classroom Program: $150
Maximum 30 students
Each additional Classroom Program: $125;
Must be same program on the same day for discount to apply

1 Assembly Program:$300
Maximum 150 students
Each additional Assembly Program: $225;
Must be the same program and be on the same day for discount to apply

Libraries /Community Programs: $125;
Groups of 30 or less

Libraries /Community Programs: $175;
Groups of 30 or more

Mileage charge of 51 cents/mile applies to ALL Alabama counties except Jefferson or Shelby.