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HeroesVillainsDREAM BIG

Leveraging the scale of the giant screen, Dream Big showcases engineering’s impressive impact on our world and our lives. From Dubai’s record-high skyscrapers to bridges soaring through clouds, audiences will experience the massive scale and forces of nature that challenge engineers. But the film shows more than the ingenuity behind these marvels—it reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people worldwide. Dream Big aims to motivate a new generation of engineers and offers everyone the opportunity to experience engineering in a fresh and exciting way.
Closes April 2018

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ExtremeWeather_ForLauraExtreme Weather

Weather is one of the most dynamic forces shaping our planet, but now it’s more extreme and complex than ever. Extreme Weather takes us to the frontlines where few have gone. Travel to the edge of 300-foot tall glaciers collapsing, to the front lines of massive wildfires, directly in the path of deadly, yet mesmerizing tornadoes. Follow researchers and everyday heroes as they uncover surprising connections to help us understand and adapt to our ever-changing weather.
Community Partner: WBRC – Fox 6

Closes September 28th

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national-parks-adventure-3dNATIONAL PARKS ADVENTURE

A trio of adventurers’ quest to experience America’s wildest, most historic and most naturally beautiful places becomes the ultimate off-trail adventure in MacGillivray Freeman Films’ National Parks Adventure, narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford. The film takes audiences soaring up exposed rock faces, hurtling down steep mountain cliffs and exploring other-worldly realms found within America’s most legendary outdoor places. Along the way, the film becomes at once an action packed celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service and a soulful reflection on what wilderness means to us all.

Closes March 31st

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