Environmental Services Specialist (Weekends from 7AM until 6PM)

The Environmental Services Specialist is responsible for providing cleaning and sanitation services to McWane Science Center in order to present a clean and safe environment and to perform light and heavy cleaning services that support daily operations in a cheerful attentive manner. When directed to do so, this position will also assist the Manager of Environmental Services and the Building Managers with the safety and security of the Center, its visitors and staff.  This position is primarily scheduled to work Saturdays and Sundays from 7AM until 6PM.

Accountabilities and Major Duties

  1. Facilitate the cleaning and sanitation functions of McWane Science Center and its properties during public and non-public hours, including evening and special events, by following the procedures below:
  • Clean floors with mops and dry dusting, spot clean carpets as required, remove gum, human waste, and food from floors, carpets and exhibit areas.
  • Empty and clean trash and rubbish containers, carry bags to the proper receptacle/dumpster. Empty and clean ash receptacles.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen and restroom fixtures and floors using supplied chemical cleaners and equipment daily and as required during operating hours.
  • Replenish supplies in restrooms daily or as required.
  • Vacuum carpets prior to opening and after hours or as required.
  • Dust high and low areas as required.
  • Wash interior and external glass as required.
  • Wash/wipe down walls, doors and fixtures as required.
  • Clean Center properties daily of trash, rubbish and any item considered litter that detracts from the appearance of the Center.
  • Perform routine maintenance on supplied equipment such as but not limited to changing vacuum cleaner bags, refilling daily use chemical containers and washing and drying mops after each use.
  1. Facilitate the security and safety functions of McWane Science Center, its personnel, properties, and the public, during public and non-public hours, including evening and special events, by following the procedures below.
  • Clearly communicate evacuation and emergency instructions to visitors and staff.
  • Minimize injuries, theft, and related problems through foresight and appropriate action or communication.
  • Maintain as high a profile as possible in public/non-public areas for security and immediate assistance purposes.
  • Assist with security and other emergencies as directed.
  • Secure other Center properties as directed.
  1. Facilitate maintenance functions of McWane Science Center and its properties during public/non-public hours as required, by following the procedures below:
  • Communicate building, grounds and equipment maintenance problems or needs to the Environmental Services Manager or Building Mechanic as they become apparent in a timely manner.
  • Assist Center staff in maintenance tasks as required in a helpful positive manner.
  • Handle, relocate, or store furniture, equipment and other materials in a safe, organized manner.
  • Perform other operations tasks as required.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism in performing assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Support the Center values and ensure that all work rules, policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Exhibit willingness to perform whatever duties are necessary in the development and maintenance of the Center, even if not specifically stated in the job description.
  • Develop effective working relationships with staff and interact with staff, volunteers, contractors, and others in a friendly and professional manner, provide excellent internal and external customer service.
  • Establish and adjust daily schedule to maintain efficient workflow and be better able to respond to changing requirements.
  • Need little or no supervision to successfully start and complete scheduled and routine task.
  • Do not neglect important responsibilities under the pressure of additional requirements.
  • Exhibit common courtesy.

Minimum Qualifications
High School diploma or GED/equivalent.
Possess 2 years experience with cleaning/maintenance of a public facility.
Possess knowledge of/be able to properly use various tools and equipment in order to achieve desired cleaning/maintenance results.
Ability to work flexible hours including some nights and holidays. This position requires working Monday through Friday from 5PM until 9PM.
Organized and efficient work habits.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written).
Dependable and honest.
Team player.

Minimum Physical Qualifications
Must be able to access any area of the museum quickly, including stairs, catwalks and ladders.
Must be able to lock and unlock doors and heavy gates.
Must be able to climb 8-10 ft. ladders, to dust, pull pins, manipulate various devices, push open hatches, etc.
Must be able to pull the pin on a fire extinguisher and use it effectively.
Must be able to communicate and enunciate clearly with portable radios.
Must be able to stand, walk, climb steps and be mobile for 6-8 hours per day.
Must be able to push, pull and lift 50 lbs.
Must be able to manipulate cleaning machinery, buffer, vacuum cleaner, etc.
Visual and hearing acuity.
Exposure to chemicals, fumes and vapors that could potentially affect the health of the employee.

Benefits include free membership, discounts in our gift shop and camp program, on-site parking and the option to participate in our 403(b) retirement savings plan including company match. 


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