Aquarist for a Day

Join us in World of Water at McWane Science Center for a day of fun and learning. After a special orientation, you will be able to work alongside our Aquarist Staff as they go through the day to day operations:

  • Prep and harvest live zooplankton
  • Feed live and prepared food to all animals in Ocean and River Journey
  • Participate in Shark and Ray Touch Tank feeding
  • Check all life support and exhibit systems
  • Get the opportunity to clean and maintain a variety of exhibits from River Journey to Ocean Journey and get the opportunity to interact with all of our Behind the Scenes Ocean Animals collection.
  • Participate and learn how we make salt water for Ocean Journey Exhibit
  • Learn about all of the mechanical filtration and get a hands-on experience with what it takes to keep these systems running. Ex: Pacific Northwest Habitat and River Journey Exhibits
Monday – Thursday

8:00 am – 12:00 pm


9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Subject to Availability
Must reserve minimum 2 weeks in advance

Individual Pricing

$125 Non-Member, $100 Member
2 Guest Maximum (Monday – Thursday)
1 Guest Maximum (Saturdays)
Ages 12 and older

Participants will receive a McWane Science Center Aquarist for a Day T-Shirt and a Certificate of Completion.

*please be advised – the participants in this program will be around fish including shellfish (allergies.)

Aquarist Family Special Discount:

Family members may reserve tickets for $10 combo or $5 Adventure Hall only to use on the same day of Aquarist for a Day (while the activity is going on.) These tickets must be purchased at the same time Aquarist For a Day is reserved. They may purchase up to 2 Adult tickets and 2 child tickets (4 total) in addition to the Aquarist for a Day reservation.

Reserve Your Spot Today By Calling (205) 714-8414