Area Attractions/Hotels

Welcome to the Magic City!  If you are visiting Birmingham, passing through or live here year round, there are plenty of places for you to see and plenty of activities for you to do.  We would love to have you at McWane Science Center all day and every day, but we also want you to enjoy what our city has to offer.  For a listing of events and activities in our area, please see the calendar of events brought to you by the Birmingham Cultural Alliance, Birmingham 365.  For a listing of area attractions or hotels, please visit the Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Fun Facts about Birmingham:

Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city.

Birmingham is the only place in the world where all the ingredients for making iron are present: coal, iron ore and limestone—all within a ten-mile radius.

Birmingham is known as the founding city for the recognition of Veterans Day and hosts the nation’s oldest and largest Veterans Day celebration.

The Birmingham Airport opened in 1931. At the time of the opening a Birmingham to Los Angeles flight took 19 hours.

Birmingham is called the Magic City because it sprang up seemingly overnight, like ‘magic,’ from a poor little southern town to a booming major city during the Steel Boom.