New, Exhibit Experience Opening at McWane Science Center on January 23rd!

BIRMINGHAM, AL – BRICKOLOGY an interactive exhibit, using construction block play, built to spark creativity and ingenuity. This new exhibit opens January 23, 2021 at McWane Science Center. 

Designed and created by McWane’s in-house exhibits department, this 5,500 square foot exhibit will highlight the science, engineering, and math concepts that can be taught through popular building block systems like LEGO. Designed to be inclusive for visitors of all ages, families will be able to explore, design, build, and test their own brick creations in McWane Science Center’s newest innovative exhibit experience, Brickology. “I am proud of our incredibly talented Exhibits team for developing this fun and unique experience.  Visitors of all ages will love finding new ways to express their creativity and engineering skills,” says Amy Templeton, McWane’s President and CEO. 

Located on McWane’s 3rd floor, Brickology will feature a variety of hands-on educational experiences that visitors can explore. These unique exhibit components include: 

  • Building Tables: McWane has hundreds of pounds of LEGOs for you to design your very own one-of-a-kind creations. 
  • Giant Jump Ramp: This 8’ tall 20’ long ramp is for testing any vehicle you can dream up. Want to build a racecar and put it to the test? There are all types of parts such as wheels, axels, hubs and car plates to build all kinds of vehicles to test on this big ramp. 
  • Earthquake Tables: Take on the challenge of these vibrating earthquake tables to see who can build the tallest, strongest, and most durable towers!
  • Graffiti Walls: 5 Individual walls feature free space to design and display any LEGO creation you wish.
  • City Tables: Visitors can create anything to place on the City Tables. Your only limits are your own imagination! 
  • Ball Machines: These intricate ball-moving machines move in fascinating ways. Entirely created out of LEGOs, the ball machines are guaranteed to be a huge hit.  
  • MOC Displays: In the LEGO world, MOC stands for “My Own Creation.” McWane will have some of Birmingham’s most talented Creators’ MOCs on display. Local displays will include Batman’s Arkham Asylum, a scale creation of the Alabama Theatre, and the massive Cyber City. 

McWane Science Center designed Brickology to support current health and safety precautions related to COVID-19, providing the most engaging and worry-free experience possible. Director of Exhibits, Erik Lizee, stated that “the exhibits team kept safety and positive visitor experience at the forefront of each part of the Brickology design, while at the same time ensuring that precaution did not get in the way of the creative experience.  

Through our new and one-of-a-kind Brickology exhibit, we continue to make learning imperative, while inspiring children to think critically and be active problem solversTo complement the hands-on exhibit experiences, local custom LEGO builders have donated the use of elaborate Lego displays like Batman’s Arkham Asylum, a scale creation of the Alabama Theatre, and the massive Cyber City. These individuals have been very generous by sharing their passion and creations with McWane visitors. It has been amazing to see what they are able to do and how much time, creativity and planning goes into the builds we have on display,” stated Lizee. 

Brickology will be available with regular admission to the museum during normal hours of operation. Learn more and reserve your tickets for McWane’s newest exhibit experience, Brickology, opening Januaury 23rd.   

A very special thank you to our exhibit sponsors, Wells Fargo and Medical Properties Trust.  

About McWane Science Center  

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