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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Got Cabin Fever?

Spring Fever has now turned into Cabin Fever. McWane is preparing at-home experiments and activities for your family to enjoy these next few weeks until we can welcome you back to the museum.

We implemented additional steps in our cleaning protocols when awareness of COVID-19 heightened, and we will continue to follow these as we clean and sanitize our facility even during the public closure. We are also taking care of our animals, and creating educational content for our community which we will share here, across our social platforms, and email.

We would love to hear and see what you are doing to keep busy. Email us at and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.


Video Resources


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MacGillivray Freeman Educational Films to Watch at Home


Coffee Fossils

Amazing Polymers

Hoop Glider

Making Music

Don’t Spill the Water


Stay Home Science – Making Music
Stay Home Science – Don’t Spill the Water
Stay Home Science – Milky Color Explosion
Stay Home Science – Make Your Own Lava Lamp
Stay Home Science – Bubble Objects
Stay Home Science – Rube Goldberg
Stay Home Science – pH Rainbow
Stay Home Science – Bread In A Bag
Stay Home Science – Balloon Rockets
Backyard Science BINGO


Itty Bitty Science Activities

Itty Bitty Science -Edible Paint
Itty Bitty Science Activity-  Engineering Challenge
Itty Bitty Science Activity – Frantic Friction



Online Resources

Nano Days: March 30 – April 5