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Changing Brains – Jayatri Das, PhD

Changing Brains – Jayatri Das, PhD

September 15, 2020

An interactive discussion about how we see the world, emerging brain technologies, and questions about the future that will make you think about how we think. Come and change your mind!

About the Presenter

Jayatri Das, PhD
Chief Bioscientist, The Franklin Institute

Dr. Jayatri Das is Chief Bioscientist and Director of Science Content at The Franklin Institute and an invited Fellow of the Center for Neuroscience & Society at the University of Pennsylvania. She has led development of several exhibitions at the Institute—including Your Brain, a national award-winning exhibit about the neuroscience and psychology of the human brain—and directs various programming initiatives to advance informal science education about materials science, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and other areas of emerging science and their societal impact. An evolutionary biologist by training, she’s perpetually curious about the small forces that make up our big world.