You can BE THE SPARK! The spark that ignites a love of learning through dynamic hands-on science experiences and virtual learning opportunities. McWane Science Center needs your help to continue to excite and inspire inquiry and innovation.

We, at McWane Science Center, believe that “science people” are the ones that help solve our world’s challenges. This does not simply mean the doctors, engineers, research scientists, physicists, inventors, or other science-based professionals. This also means the everyday citizen that loves science, thinks creatively, uses science-processing skills to solve problems, speaks up in defense of our world’s challenges, and thrives in exploration and discovery. McWane’s purpose is to inspire “science people.” With your help, we will continue to be successful and be the spark!

McWane Science Center’s mission is to spark wonder and curiosity about our world through hands-on science experiences. As a nonprofit institution, we rely on generous contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations and public agencies. Your donation helps us maintain our many science-literacy programs and world-class exhibits while also ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to do science.