Summer Camps 2021

Bring your curiosity and sense of wonder for hands-on, minds-on, science, learning, and fun during Summer Camp 2021 at McWane Science Center! Summer Camps offer inquiry into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics for children ages 4 to 14 years old. Campers will dive into ocean learning, journey back in time to discover dinosaurs, build robots, create some chemistry, or build the next great invention. Join us for these and many more engaging camp themes during an incredible summer of science.

Health & Safety

McWane Science Center is closely monitoring orders from local and state leaders, health departments and CDC guidelines regarding our camp protocols. For the health and safety of all participants, masks are required for all campers, volunteers, and staff.  Measures have been placed for limited camp capacity and strict social distancing and sanitization requirements will be enforced.



Half-day camps

Pre-K through Kindergarten
Camps Begin
9:00 AM
Camps End
1:00 PM

Full-day camps

1st through 8th Grade
7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Camps Begin
9:00 AM
Camps End
4:00 PM


Half-day camps

Pre-K through Kindergarten
$145 / week
$170 / week

Full-day camps

1st through 8th Grade
$285 / week
$335 / week
All prices are tax-inclusive
Lunch included in price

Online Reservations

Registration will open soon. Please check back here for more information.

Camp Programs by Age Group

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Pre-K through Kindergarten

June 7-11Jurassic JourneyGet ready for a prehistoric adventure! Don your paleontology tool belt and learn about the size, habitat, and diet of some of Earth’s oldest animals.
June 14-18Bricks are for KidsJump into a world of Lego with exciting design challenges that will test your creativity! From architecture to engineering, we will plan and create structures with the world’s favorite plastic brick.
June 21-25Astro TotsWe’re reaching for the stars in this galactic camp. Learn about planets, telescopes, moons, and the brave astronauts that study it all. Are you ready to blast off?
June 28 - July 2Under the SeaDive deep this week as we explore the depths of the oceans. From the sunny coral reefs to the mysterious trench zones, you’re sure to find something magnificent.
July 5-9NO CAMPS
July 12-16Sounds of SummerChirp, Ribbit, SPLASH! Get ready to use your listening ears as we learn the science behind some of summer’s most recognizable sounds. Cue the cicadas; Buzz, Buzz!
July 19-23Storytime ScienceSeparate fact from fiction as we dive into some reading fun and discover the science in some of your favorite children’s stories.
July 26-30Tot BotsDid you know that robots speak their own language? Learn how to communicate with some of McWane’s techy residents using code. Play games, test ideas, and conduct experiments in this high-tech camp.
Aug 2-6Wild About AlabamaOur great state is home to a variety of plants and animals. Through experiments, crafts, and a little cooking, we’ll discover how flora and fauna impact our daily lives.

1st through 2nd Grade

June 7-11Chemistry CapersExperiment with color changing reactions, gooey polymers, and unexpected changes. Put your goggles and gloves on for daily demonstrations of the most spectacular science ever, from fiery to super cold to just plain weird. 
June 14-18 Cosmic KidsGet ready for an out-of-this-world week as we explore the cosmos! Learn about the astronauts that venture out of our atmosphere and the technology that travels where we cannot.
June 21-25Superhero ScienceWhat’s your superpower? Become a Superhero with SCIENCE! Learn all about the science behind your favorites superheroes powers!
June 28 - July 2Jr BrickologistsTest your building skills using the best construction materials around: Legos! Join us as we complete design challenges, construct towers, and make engineering marvels brick by plastic brick.
July 5-9NO CAMPS
July 12-16Miss Frizzle’s Summer AdventureBuckle your seatbelts because Miss Frizzle has a classroom unlike any other. Start each day with a book from the acclaimed series, then board the world’s greatest bus for an incredible tour of science.
July 19-23Bugs to BeastsFrom lions’ dens to spider webs, this week is all about animals. Uncover unique habitats and the animals that call them home. Look closely, though; some of them may be camouflaged.
July 26-30GrossologyAre you intrigued by the nasty, icky, and disgusting parts of nature? Spend the week uncovering the science behind snot, the bacteria that live in our belly buttons, and gross creatures from our natural world.
Aug 2-6Robot RallyWhat does it take to be a robot? Join us in our Robot Rally to learn the nuts and bolts, ins and outs, and ups and downs of these helpful, mechanical friends. From their special language, to their fancy gadgets, see what makes a robot tick!

3rd through 4th Grade

June 7-11Forces of NatureInvestigate the forces of nature and explore the world’s most extreme weather! Design and experiment ways to test these destructive forces and examine how they shaped our Earth. 
June 14-18What’s Cookin’ KitchenMix it, melt it, and put your taste buds to the test as we explore the shocking science hiding in our kitchens.
June 21-25Bits, Bytes & BotsFrom circuits to codes, sensors to gears, it’s robot experiment time. Campers are needed to put a whole host of robots into action, whether they’re making models, solving mazes or constructing from LEGO bricks.
June 28-July 2Sci Fi ScienceFrom superheroes and magic to a futuristic planet, how much science fiction is based on science fact? We’ll examine movies, TV shows and books to find the science in the science fiction.
July 5-9NO CAMPS
July 12-16Gizmos and GadgetsEngineers, assemble. Or, disassemble. Get into the “maker” spirit as we put things together, take them apart, and get to work on some creative contraptions.
July 19-23Go for the GoldRunning, jumping, throwing, dodging, volleying…sports are filled with science! Campers will explore the physics of motion and the Chemistry of athletes as we find out what really goes on behind those wins, losses, and amazing plays!
July 26-30Minecraft LaboratoryCan the virtual world help us learn about the real world? Join us in the Minecraft Laboratory to find out! Learn the true power of collaboration in the digital world alongside real-life demos and activities.
Aug 2-6Lego EngineersGive your imagination a boost with hundreds of LEGO® parts! Campers will spend the week learning the fundamental principles of engineering and design. They’ll explore their craziest ideas while designing and building as never before.

5th through 7th Grade

June 7-11The Great EscapeCampers will face a devious escape room challenge in this combination of games, puzzles and science. The plot is in motion and there’s no way out–unless their problem-solving skills are great enough to find one.
June 14-18Summer Jam LabStrike up the band as we strum and tap our way through the science of sound. Students will have a toe tapping good time as they build, test and play their own musical instruments.
June 21-25Wizarding AcademyThe wizarding world is filled with wonders and powerful feats beyond imagination. Luckily, we can make some of this magic attainable for young, budding sorcerers through the help of muggle science. Join our Wizarding Academy to become one with the ideas of magic.
June 28-July 2Global EngineersBecome an international problem-solver! From natural disasters to alternative energy, campers will help engineer solutions for issues facing our entire world.
July 5-9NO CAMPS
July 12-16Minecraft EngineersReal-life can be a tough constraint for budding engineers. Luckily, the virtual world offers a realm of infinite possibilities. Become a Minecraft Engineer and join us on a journey to apply STEAM ideas to virtual projects alongside real-life examples and activities.
July 19-23Robot RevolutionProgramming, design, and construction. Campers this week will explore all the aspects of robotics, with the help of systems like the EV3, WeDo, Ozobots and other mechanical partners.
July 26-30Movie Magic MakersExperience the magic that goes into making the movies happen, from make-up to sound effects, animation to pyrotechnics, and learn the real-life science behind some of the greatest films ever made.
Aug 2-6Fab LabStep into the lab and become a chemist, biologist, and physicist all in one week! Explore biodiversity under the scope, roller coaster physics, chemical reactions that excite, and more as we use the scientific method as our guide.


4th through 8th Grade
June 21-25
Grade Levels
4th through 8th

Women have made incredible contributions throughout science history–are you ready to join them? We’re looking for girls in 4th through 8th grade, who love STEM, to explore a wide range of scientific fields and experiments. 

A Camp Policy & Release Form must be completed for all campers prior to attendance. Please click here to complete the form.