McWane Science Center knows that families continue to struggle as they strive to determine the best educational path for their children during this uncertain time.  Some are choosing to continue with virtual/remote learning options rather than enter the regular classroom at this time.  This can be overwhelming for parents who must balance work and/or the responsibilities of managing their households.  McWane Science Center would like to help relieve some of this stress and provide an option for parents/families that are searching for support.  As such we will be extending our Learning Lab program through the end of December 2020, and this is now open to the general public for registration.

  • Learning Labs available beginning the week of November 2nd
  • Cost per child: $300 per child, per week → Register Below ↓
  • Financial assistance available for those who qualify
    *Scholarships are not processed online
  • 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday (with the exception of a couple of holiday weeks)
  • Supports learning for 1st through 6th grades
  • Grade-based classrooms with less than 12 students per class
  • Virtual learning time to support the educational requirements for each child
  • Afternoon science camps and enrichment experiences to engage students in science, learning, and fun
  • An in-person environment that is safe and supports limited classroom capacity, social distancing, face coverings for all students, and a regimented cleaning protocol
  • Lunch provided daily

Program Weeks Include:

  • Week of November 2nd-6th
  • Week of November 9th-13th
  • Week of November 16th-20th
  • Week of November 23rd-25th (shortened for Thanksgiving)
  • Week of November 30th – December 4th
  • Week of December 7th-December 11th
  • Week of December 14th-December 18th
  • Week of December 28th-December 31st

No lab during the week of December 21st-December 25th

Registration Information

For more information about our Learning Labs and the registration process, contact:

Susan Tipton | | (205) 714-8305

Scholarship Information

For more information regarding available financial assistance, contact:

Susan Tipton | | (205) 714-8305