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McWane After Dark presents New Beer’s Eve

April 6, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

“I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

—Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous remark was made in the midst of The Great Depression after signing the Cullen-Harrison Act as part of The New Deal on March 22, 1933. The act legalized the sale of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% by weight, a first step away from prohibition and a kick-start for the struggling economy. Two weeks later on April 6th, thirsty throngs gathered outside breweries and taverns eagerly waiting to imbibe at midnight when the act would go into law. This historical day, which renewed jobs and spirits, is now known as New Beer’s Eve.

Join us  as we celebrate New Beer’s Eve and the local breweries that have been a catalyst in Alabama’s economic and cultural renaissance. Discover the science behind your favorite local beers from Cahaba Brewing Company, Ghost Train Brewing Co., and Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co., just to name a few! Learn how to brew at home, try your luck at trivia, and make a bottle cap keychain. The night will include food trucks, DJ Kamal Akeem, and beer served with a pint of science.
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*McWane After Dark presents New Beer’s Eve is a 21+ event. I.D.s will be checked at the door.


Beerification – Explore the molecular gastronomy method of reverse spherification with Cahaba Brewing Company’s beers and create gelled spheres of beer that burst with flavor in your mouth.

Fermentation of Sugar & Yeast – What’s so special about yeast? This single-celled organism is invisible to the naked eye yet crucial to the conversion of a sweet liquid to beer. Grab a microscope and take a peek at this fermentation powerhouse.

Beer Cocktails – Beer doesn’t have to be consumed alone. Not only is it better with friends, beer can also be used to create crafted cocktails. Join Missy Roll from Good People Brewing Company for a taste of this unsung use of beer.

Fluorescent Ginger Beer – Beer that glows under a blacklight?!?! Come learn about the physics of luminescence with Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Company.

Homebrew 101 – Meet the Grainfather, the all-in-one brewing system that converts grain into beer. Learn the stages of a homebrew and enter a raffle for a chance to win a bottle of sweet wort, yeast, and accessories to complete fermentation at home. Enter the raffle by 10pm; 15 names will be drawn to make their own McWane Brew.

What’s in My Beer? – Skunky, buttery, acetic, baby vomit? Can you sniff out the common off flavors in beer and how to avoid them?

Bottle Cap Keychain – Upcycle old beer and soda bottle caps into a neat keychain.

Hop to It – One of the four essential beer ingredients, what we call “hops” are cone-shaped flowers of the female hops plant, Humulus lupulus. Discover the enticing aromas of their essential oils and learn how they can add the perfect amount of bitter to balance the sweet of the malt.

In Beer There is Freedom, In Water There is Bacteria – Use the tools and techniques of chemistry to discover the compounds within different water samples that create the various beloved styles of beer.


Thank you to our friends at Birmingham Mountain Radio for supporting McWane After Dark: New Beer’s Eve.


April 6, 2019
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm