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Working Dog Day

May 11, 2019

Come meet and celebrate local working dogs; see our newest IMAX film, ‘Superpower Dogs’, which showcases the accomplishments of dogs with jobs.

Thank you to Hand in Paw, the Jefferson County K9 Unit, Red Mountain Search Dog Association, USVSD Service Dog Club of UAB, and Southeastern Guide Dogs for participating in Working Dog Day!


Sniff Test, Level 1: Demonstration Station – 10:30am & 1:30pm
Dogs have incredible noses, they are can smell 10,000 times better than we can! Put your sniffer to the test and see – or – smell if you can identify the mystery scents.

Colorful Chemistry, Level 2: Explore – 11:30am
Dogs can see color, just not as many as we can. Use chemistry to discover the components that make up the different pigments and inks that we can see. And then see how man’s best friend view the world of colors.

Elemental Spectrum, Level 1: Workshop – 12:30pm
Dogs see limited colors within the visible light spectrum. Learn the chemistry behind the colors we see and how it compares to our furry friends’ vision.

Combustion, Level 1: Rusthon Science Theater – 2:30pm
Discover why combustion is a double-edged sword!

Animal Encounter, Level 2: Naturescope – 3:30pm
Meet some of McWane’s fascinating animals!

Design Challenge: Save the Day, Level 1: Workshop – 4:30pm
Create your own engineering problem to create a unique object for a specific user to help in a certain disaster. Work with your engineering team to save the day!


Thank you to our presenting sponsor Medical Properties Trust as well as our supporting sponsors:
Avondale Animal Hospital
Oakview Animal Hospital
Helena Veterinary Clinic
Patton Chapel Animal Clinic
Stewart Animal Clinic
Valleydale Animal Clinic
Vestavia Animal Clinic


May 11, 2019