World of Water Aquariums

We begin with a stop by the Ocean Journey area in the aquarium. It is home to favorites like the green Moray eel, the moon jellyfish, clownfish and more. This area is dedicated to salt water environments from around the world featuring some of the most amazing creatures in the ocean. Further inside the aquarium you will find three more display tanks: The Cahaba River Tank is a large natural habitat that re-creates a section of the Cahaba River, Alabama’s last major free-flowing river. This exhibit combines terrestrial and aquatic environments to focus on the animals and plants that live in and along the river. The Lake Tank contains fish typically found in an Alabama reservoir habitat. Many lakes in Alabama are actually impounded reservoirs, rivers that have been dammed to create large flood pools. The Coral Tank features corals from the Indo-Pacific region. You will also find brightly colored fish and live rock in the Coral Tank. Everything in the tank has a unique job – like cleaning algae or picking parasites off of the coral.