Sea Monsters

Rising from the depths after 80 million years, meet the faces and fins that once swam the ancient oceans of Alabama during the Late Cretaceous. In this exhibit visitors will come face-to-face with giant sea turtles, fishes, and the most fearsome sea monster of its time – the mosasaur!


Pronounced: zye-fact-in-us 
This species was the largest carnivorous fish in the Late Cretaceous oceans. This specimen is 17 feet long and known for its long, sharp teeth!


Pronounced: pro-toe-steg-uh
This giant’s name means “first roof”. Protostega was one of the largest sea turtles that ever lived. The exhibited specimen 15.5 feet from flipper to flipper and 13 feet from head to tail.


Pronounced: pack-ee-rhy-zoe-duss
This specimen’s name means “thick rooted tooth”, stretched 6 feet long from teeth to tail!


Pronounced: cly-das-tes
This specimen’s name means “one who locks” is also known as the “Greene County Mosasaur”. It is 11 feet long and was the most dangerous sea monster of his time.

Scientific Discipline: Life Science & Earth Science