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Beaker Bash 2020 – Forecast: Fun

Beaker Bash 2020 – Forecast: Fun! was a huge success. Thank you to all our sponsors, donors, and attendees! We’ll see you next year.


Have you ever wondered how lightning works? Or why snowflakes never look alike? Find out the answers to questions like these and more at McWane Science Center’s biggest party of the year! You are invited to join us and your favorite meteorologists* as incredible, one-of-a-kind activities rain down all over McWane during this one night only event! Your family will be blown away at the amazing experiences and great food you’ll find as you explore our exhibit halls in a way you’ve never seen it before.  So bring the kids, the grandparents, and your friends and make the memories of a lifetime at Beaker Bash 2020 – Forecast: Fun!


Beaker Bash 2020 Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Steven and Sally Thompson
Aimee Barnes
Abby Bowlin
Angie Cleland
Christina Edwards
John Gentle
Shelley Gentle
Matthew Graham
Alex Graham
David Killion
Katy Killion
Maria Madden
Alex Ratliff
Caroline Renfroe
Alan Renfroe
Elizabeth Riddle
Zac Riddle
Linley Roberts
Stephanie Starnes