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Name a Shark

McWane is excited to share that 25 baby White Spotted Bamboo Sharks were born in our facility between March and June of 2020. Naming a Shark at McWane is a fun way for you to get involved in our World of Water exhibition by helping us name our new shark babies! We spend around $15,000 a year on salt alone—yes just salt—to make saltwater for our World of Water exhibits. It costs around $2,200 to feed our adult sharks at McWane and that cost has now drastically increased with our 25 new baby sharks. When you name a shark at McWane, your contribution goes directly into feeding, caring for, and maintaining our sharks’ health, well-being, and living conditions. Support McWane’s World of Water Exhibition and name a baby shark today!



Mr. Richard Crowley

named two baby sharks!
Evie  and  Caleb

Mrs. Melanie McCraney

named a baby shark!
The Invincible Ms. McGehee

Travis Pritchett

named two baby sharks!
Ryder  and  Fox

Emily Holley

named a baby shark
in honor of The Friend Group!


  • What types of shark are they?
    They are Whitespotted Bamboo Sharks
  • What do they eat?
    They eat shrimp, clam, salmon, and squid
  • When were the sharks born?
    They were born between March and June. Specific birthdays are available to donors who name a shark.
  • How can you tell if the shark is male or female?
    Male sharks have claspers located at the pelvic fin
  • Will all the sharks stay at McWane?
    Yes! The shark that you name will continue to live at McWane’s World of Water exhibition.
  • When will the baby sharks be in the touch tank?
    Our touch tank features adult animals only. Once they have matured and there is available space in the touch tank, these baby sharks will graduate to it.
  • Can I visit my shark at McWane?
    We have an exhibit designed for juvenile sharks near the World of Water exit. We offer no guarantees on which sharks, if any, are on display in this area.