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After Hours Activities

Birmingham SCI Cafe

Join other science geeks (and science novices) for an exciting presentation, lively discussion and a little science trivia at the Birmingham SCI Cafe, every third Tuesday at John’s City Diner in downtown Birmingham (112 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N). All SCI Cafes are free to the public and no science background is required. The fun begins at 6 pm with science trivia, then continues with the guest speaker at 6:30 pm.

The Birmingham SCI Café is a joint project presented by McWane Science Center and the Civitan International Research Center at UAB. By combining our efforts, we are giving scientifically curious people the opportunity to interact with scientists, researchers and enthusiast from diverse fields. Together, we are bringing this unique learning experience to the Birmingham community!

Upcoming Birmingham SCI Café Presentations

July 17th: Otodontids in Alabama
insights into the evolution of Megalodon” will give us a look at the biggest sharks ever. To see a little more about Jun’s recent work, check out this article on the ‘Bear Bryant’ Shark.

August 21: Fossil Sharks of Alabama
Jun Ebersol of the McWane Science Center fills you in on the cartilaginous predators who once swam over what is now Alabama, including the recently named Bear Bryant shark.

September 18th: Gene Editing
Her appearance at June’s forum, “Editing Our Evolution” at SCI Cafe only whet the public’s appetite for more information about the field of gene editing. Now, Dr. Farah Lubin of UAB returns to tell us more about CRISPR, gene therapy and more.

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