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After Hours Activities

Teens and Tech

Teens and Tech is an after hours event at McWane Science Center for students 6th-12th grade. Each Teens and Tech night focuses on a single topic that is related to science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics.

Next event: Saturday, December 14  (5:30pm-8:30pm)

In the Lab

Join us as we explore techniques that scientists and engineers use to do their work. Get hands-on with a specimen and tools during the dissection lab and become a chemical engineer as you create your own toothpaste! Not all scientific discoveries are made in a lab, so we will tour other places where scientists work using our STEM Expeditions virtual reality system.

Please contact Reservations at 205-714-8414 to register

The event is FREE to middle and high school aged teens! Fun and food is provided, but seating is limited. To reserve spot, please contact McWane Science Center’s Reservation Department at (205) 714-8414.
Our parking deck will be open for pick up and drop off. You may enter the special events entrance on level C.

The goals of “Teens and Tech” are to (1) engage teens in hands-on, technology-based learning experiences, (2) help them develop 21st Century Learning Skills (critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem solving) and (3) give them the opportunity to learn and practice technology-based skills.
This program is made possible through the generous support of Best Buy.