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FUN FACT:A single bolt of lightning contains enough energy to cook 100,000 pieces of toast.
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What our visitors are saying about McWane Science Center

"My 4 year son... LOVES it!!!"

"It means someplace fun and educational for the whole family. It means someplace COOL and INDOORS on hot days and WARM and INDOORS on cold days. It means making new friends to my daughter with autism. It means finding new ways to safely get lost for my three year old son. (I lose him at least twice per visit, but he always comes back unharmed. This was the first visit that the exhibit hall entry security guard didn't get to know him on sight due to multiple escape efforts.)"

"It provides a place where I can take my son to learn about animals and nature (which he loves). Financially it is a great investment, and the movies are always great."

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