Explore the outdoors inside McWane!

Explore the great outdoors from inside the museum. McWane Science Center and the Birmingham Audubon Society have created a new exhibit called NatureScope. Explore the science of the birds and the bugs in this new area! The exhibit includes a new Audubon cabin and a demonstration stage where visitors can enjoy nature programs and live animal shows. Check out the collection of Alabama birds including a Bald Eagle, Wild Turkey, two, extremely rare, Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, and even a skull from the extinct Dodo Bird.

Take a virtual tour of Alabama’s natural wonders with the award-winning television show Discovering Alabama led by host Dr. Doug Phillips.

Grrr! Learn what noises different wild animals make and record yourself mimicking several of the different animal sounds!

Then, get up close and personal with some resident creepy crawlies! Learn what role insects play in our ecosystem with the decomposition chamber. Meet large bugs including emperor scorpions, a tarantula, and even a giant African millipede!

So come inside and discover Alabama’s great outdoors!