Kellyn LaCour-Conant, MSc
Tales from the Trail: Adventures in Restoration Ecology

Barreling through a forest fire astride an ATV, cruising across Gulf waves to distant barrier islands, wrestling 300 lb fish – no, this isn’t the latest action blockbuster, it’s just a day in the life of an ecologist! From extreme ecosystems to your local public park, nature has so much to teach us. Ecologists dedicate their lives to studying how living organisms interact with their environment, and what happens when an ecosystem becomes unbalanced. Similar to how a medical doctor may prescribe treatment to a sick patient, restoration ecologists work to heal broken ecosystems. In the wake of a year fraught with environmental disasters, restoration ecology will become increasingly key in mitigating climate change. While this field of study is critically important, it is also chock full of adventure! Join Kellyn LaCour-Conant as she shares stories from the field, from Alaska to Costa Rica and beyond, and teaches how we can all be restoration ecologists in our everyday lives.

Kellyn LaCour-Conant, MSc
PhD Student in Urban Forestry at Southern University; Assistant Program Coordinator with Baton Roots Community Farm

April 20, 2021


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6:00 PM CDT
Meeting Opens:
6:00 PM CDT
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About the Presenter

Kellyn LaCour-Conant is a daughter of Isle Brevelle and a restoration ecologist based in Iti Humma (Baton Rouge, LA). As a teen, Kellyn was active in the Student Conservation Association, supporting environmental work in the Houston area where she grew up, and traveling the United States to work backcountry trails alongside federal employees. She went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Amherst College, a Master’s in Marine and Environmental Biology from Nicholls State, and currently, a PhD in Urban Forestry from Southern University. She has coupled her academic experience with professional work in the governmental and non-profit sectors, and now serves as the Assistant Program Coordinator for Baton Roots Community Farm. When not knee deep in mustard greens, Kellyn is a dedicated youth mentor and contributor to regional environmental justice movements. In her spare time, she loves crafting, playing beach volleyball, marathoning all things Star Wars, and keeping up with her friends, family, partner, and pets – Fela, Atwood, and Tonks.