Summer Science Adventures

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McWane Science Center is thrilled to invite you to come along with us this summer for exciting and inspiring, science-filled adventures at your science museum!

With the support of Medical Properties Trust, visitors will explore and be inspired by chemistry, physics, biology, geology, earth science, space science, engineering, natural history, geology, meteorology, paleontology, and so much more.

Who knew science exploration could be such an adventure?

Check the McWane Science Center calendar for all of the 2021 science adventures and programming this summer.

We, at McWane Science Center, can’t wait to join you for your summer science adventures. While you are here, pick up your Summer Science Adventure Guide between June 2nd and September 5th at the ticketing counter and collect badge stickers throughout the museum all summer long.

Let us know how the exploration is going. Send us an email at to let us know what you have discovered.