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FUN FACT:The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.


The newly renovated IMAX Dome Theater will re-open on Friday, December 18th. We invite you to come and enjoy the unparalleled experience of IMAX with Laser at the McWane Science Center!


Masks are required inside the McWane Science Center, including the lobby and IMAX Theater. In order to allow for social distancing and to ensure the safety of our guests, seating in our IMAX Dome theater is currently limited. We also ask that guests sit only with their own travel groups and refrain from unnecessary entry or exit during presentations.

IMAX Dome LogoThe John W. Woods IMAX® Dome Theater is an experience like no other!  Our 250 seats rest under a 5 story, 79′ diameter, tilted dome screen comprised of hundreds of precision-engineered and highly reflective perforated aluminum panels. The IMAX® Dome image fills your entire field of vision as audio surrounds you to create a truly immersive sight and sound experience.

Our theater features a revolutionary IMAX® with Laser projection system to create amazing images of unsurpassed contrast, clarity, and luminance. Together with six channels of digital surround sound, it is the pinnacle of cinematic immersion.

What makes the IMAX Dome experience so special? Check it out:

What our visitors are saying about McWane Science Center

"We enjoyed our visit very much.  As our first visit to McWane we took a risk buying a large family membership.  My entire family, myself included, had a blast.  We plan to visit many more times over the next year.  I love having a local place to take the kids, enjoy ourselves and learn about so many cool, important topics."

"We absolutely LOVE coming to McWane! We visit at least once every two weeks, if not more often. My kids (aged 3 and 2) beg me every week to come! Thanks so much for providing a safe, fun learning environment for us!"

"McWane is an important part of children’s education. It allows us to explore science with them in visual and hands-on ways that we otherwise could not. Science is fun in this house, thanks to the help of McWane Science center. It is a reward, and a place our children always ask to visit. Pairing fun with learning is what you do, and we embrace that philosophy."

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