Adult Volunteer Program

Science Engagement Interpreter

Interpreters present hands-on activities at stations throughout the science center and enhance visitor interaction with our exhibits. Interpreters should have good communication and interpersonal skills, a desire to learn, and a willingness to work with visitors of all ages. We expect a volunteer commitment of 8 hours/month.

Science Engagement Docent

Docents engage visitors through hands-on science activities and exhibit interpretation as well as presenting public programs like Combustion, Animal Encounters, and Engineering Design Challenges. Docents should have significant experience in a STEM field including, but not limited to, graduate work and career experience, good communication and interpersonal skills, a desire to learn, and a willingness to work with visitors of all ages in small and large group settings. We expect a volunteer commitment of 12 volunteer hours/month.

Visitor Experience Volunteer

Make a great first impression and help visitors navigate the science center. Visitor Experience Volunteers are stationed at our Info Desk greeting visitors and providing answers to questions about McWane as well as the metro Birmingham area. Visitor Experience Volunteers should be approachable, friendly, and have excellent communication and customer service skills. We expect a volunteer commitment of 8 volunteer hours/month.

Aquarist Volunteer

Aquarist Volunteers assist in the maintenance of fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates, and reptile species, as well as the life-support systems that keep our World of Water afloat. They learn daily, weekly, and monthly husbandry duties required to sustain our aquatic collection and keep the exhibits looking great. Aquarist Volunteers should be self-motivated with a desire to learn and a willingness to get wet and dirty while cleaning the tanks and preparing food. Aquarist volunteers should also be able to stand, stoop, or kneel for extended periods of time as well as lift 20 lbs. We expect a volunteer commitment of 100 hours of service over one year.

Spontaneous Science Volunteer

Can’t make a weekly commitment but want to get involved? Volunteer to help with McWane special days and events like LEGO Day, Maker Day, or McWane After Dark, our adults-only nights. McWane has a variety of one-time events that are all a little different. Spontaneous Science Volunteers assist with the set up and take down of events, help facilitate science activities, and more! The flexible time commitment makes this a great option for anyone with busy or unpredictable schedules.

Adult Volunteer Application Process

  1. Submit an online application
  2. Attend an interview
  3. If selected, attend orientation and training sessions
  4. Complete and return DHR and criminal background check forms