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Year End Giving

Year End Giving

As McWane Science Center educators, we have the great honor of creating hands-on, fun, and engaging science learning experiences that spark wonder and curiosity in the individuals impacted by our mission. As a result, we help build science literacy in our community and create positive perceptions about science. We make science relevant to the lives of our visitors and provide opportunities for children and youth to engage with people interested in and practicing in science-based fields. We help people of all ages discover their inner scientist.

“There is nothing better than watching a childʼs expression when he/she successfully conducts a science experiment. Itʼs beautiful!”
-Amy Templeton (President & CEO)


McWane Science Center believes that everyone should benefit from our museum—regardless of their ability to pay. As a nonprofit organization, however, this can be a challenge as we depend so heavily on admission fees to support the sustainability of our museum. For this reason, we also rely on donations from our community. Without individuals like you, we would be unable to deliver our mission to the most underserved and disadvantaged members of our population.

As we close out 2018, we respectfully request that you consider making a year-end gift to McWane Science Center. Your support will help pay for:

  • Field trip costs for students in low-income school systems
  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • Camp fees for disadvantaged children
  • Outreaches in schools, preschools, and libraries in poorer communities

Together, we can inspire the future scientists, engineers, doctors, innovators, problem solvers, and leaders that will transform our communities, our state, and our region.hank you for your consideration.